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Student & Parent Expectations - Please read

What is it?

The All Night Senior Party is a Princeton tradition, dating back more than 30 years! It is a chance for the Princeton community to tell you how proud they are of all that you have accomplished. The party is one of the last opportunities for you, as a class to come together and make memories to last a lifetime!  

Registration Information

All seniors will receive a form in the mail by February. You can mail in that form, or register online.

Click PDF for Early Release Form if needed.

Your ride

Buses will transport students from the high school to the ice arena after graduation. Students will remain at the arena throughout the night and bussed back to the high school around 4:30am, where they will need a car or a ride home. 

Private Parties
No money needed

No money is needed the night of the party. You'll be given a string backpack to carry your phone and personal items around that night. Anything else you bring will go into your personal basket that you can access at any time. 

Act Casual

Casual/comfortable clothes are recommended. You will have time to change at the high school before boarding the busses if needed. 

Come hungry

Be sure to arrive at the party with an appetite as food will be available throughout the evening.

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