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We Can't Do it Without YOU! 

Volunteer Opportunities - Scroll down to sign up!




Volunteers are needed each night the week of the week, Monday-Thursday, the week of the party, to help decorate. The Monday crew will help haul tables and decorations into the arena. The decorating committee will have everything laid out for the Tuesday-Thursday volunteers so that they know where everything needs to be hung and placed.

School Registration

Two volunteers are needed at the high school following graduation. These volunteers will check in the grads, issue them wrist bands and give last minute instructions before they board the bus. 


A volunteer is needed to greet graduates when they come off the buses at the arena. They are there to answer questions and keep grads moving. 

Photo Assistant

A volunteer is needed to help the photographer situate groups of grads for a photo as they enter the arena. 

Registration & Baskets

volunteers are needed to distribute baskets and write corresponding numbers on wristbands. 

Registration &


 volunteers are needed to check in graduates and hand out t-shirts. 


 volunteers are needed to help run the games during the party. Games will be set up and ready to go when you arrive.  


Volunteers are needed to help organize baskets as grads receive them.  Volunteers are also needed to assist grads with basket retrieval and to distribute baskets at the end of the night. Additional volunteers are needed to monitor doors and to provide overall safety to the grads and the venue. 


 volunteers are needed to help facilitate games during the last few hours of the event. We keep our grads up and moving and having fun! 

Tear Down

Volunteers are needed to help tear down the morning after the event. Tear down begins at approximately 5 am. 

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